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Your courses, your way

Create interactive courses as unique as you, bringing together virtually any type of content. Whether you want to start with videos, mix it up with a podcast, track progress with a quiz and check in with a live class - we’ve got you covered.


Host all your videos with us for free and add interactive layers to turn your passive learners into active participants.


Webinar to up 1000 learners, automate scheduling, interact through chat and record the session to reuse the content.

Virtual Classroom

Teach one-to-one or group classes over live two-way video in the HowNow virtual classroom, from your browser.


Create beautiful articles combining text, images and any content you want from around the web.


Pull in audio content from around the web or host your files with us for free. Give learners another way to learn on the go.


Mix and match question types with multiple choice, open-ended, drag and drop, fill in the gap and multimedia questions.

Your students, qualified

Automagically assess your learners and deliver certifications for their great work at the end of each course. Using our awesome system, you can add assessments anywhere in your course so you can know that your learners are actually learning.

Choose how you mark your courses and send out a fully customised certificate to your learner automatically.

  • Create badges and acheivements for progress.
  • Track learner progress.
  • Automatic/Manual assessment marking.
  • Issue customised certificates.

" A very flexible & robust platform giving us the opportunity to run our whole access division with ease."
Amar P, Poplify

Selling & Marketing

Grow your business using our built-in Ecommerce and Marketing tools.

Use our powerful tools to price your course the way you want, easily customise our conversion-optimised sales page template, create targeted promotions on the fly and much more.

  • Sell in multiple currencies.

  • Create unlimited coupons and bundles.

  • Stripe/Paypal Integration.

  • Advanced pricing options.

"A beautiful platform with great user experience that has helped us grow our language school beyond border."
Mark T, Language School
Your School, Your Storefront

When we say it’s never been easier to start an online school, we mean it. In just a few clicks, create a self-branded online course website with your logo, font and colour scheme.

​All the features you need

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, an educational institution or a large organisation - we’ve got you covered.

Create Engaging courses

A powerful and easy-to-use virtual classroom that you can join at the click of a link, with lightning fast two-way video, audio, instant messaging, screenshare and video replay.

Built-in Virtual Classroom

A powerful and easy-to-use virtual classroom that you can join at the click of a link, with lightning fast two-way video, audio, instant messaging, screenshare and video replay.

Accept international payments

Charge a one-time fee or a subscription, and take payments from around the world with the safest and most customer-friendly checkout using Stripe or PayPal.

No coding required

You have the skills; we have the technology. We look after the tech so that you can focus on what you do best: sharing your knowledge and earning the rewards.

Get paid instantly

As soon as you make a sale, your money will be deposited directly into your bank account within 2 business days. Cha-ching!

Keep track of everything

Our platform allows you to monitor your learners’ progress, keep track of your transactions and respond quickly if students have questions or need help.


Whether you’re looking for someone to help you get setup or you have some questions about how to operate your school, our help centre and Customer Succes team are always on hand to help you whenever you need.

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