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HowNow means

1. A jovial greeting like “What’s up?"

2. A teaching tool used in elocution to help pronounce vowels.

3. We’re combining the two: communication and teaching tools; to create a digital learning space where people can communicate, share ideas, teach and learn.

Our Mission

Capture, curate and communicate the world’s knowledge.

We’re using smart technology to better humans rather than replace them - by enabling knowledge sharing and democratising the access to learning inside and outside organisations.

The Origin Story

Once upon a time, in a magical place called Barking, there lived two brothers named Nelson and Kuvera. They noticed technology was changing the world around them very quickly and left many feeling that they did not have the knowledge and skills to cope in this changing environment.

With nothing but a name and a dream, they set out on a journey to use technology to better humans - not replace them. They pulled together a team of misfits and built a prototype that would allow people to capture, curate, organise and share their knowledge.

From there, they built HowNow into the platform we all know and love today. They have helped 1000s by empowering them to teach, learn, share ideas and communicate, regardless where they are in the world. One day, they’ll all live happily ever after, but not until they know that people all over the world are getting the knowledge they need to realise their superpower.

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